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Wow. That's certianly a feature I haven't seen used before. Nice work on the colour choice button. Combining that with the frame-by-frame overlapping vector elements and it works out. The only issue is that as an experimental animation, it's a little too repetitive. It seems like certain camera angles and certain effects are on screen for too long. I'll throw in a bonus half-star for the use of Samurai Jack style backgrounds and effects. I'm surprised that more people don't emulate that.

Wait, Tom took my idea for a commercial and ran with it?! I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY! That aside, I think this epitomizes the NG style. Crisp, clean, simple, and understnated comedy. Even if this doesn't win I'll gladly show it around for everyone to view. That being said, my only critcism is that the video clip of you scrolling down was a bit erratic, and should be smoothed out. Otherwise, great job!

Wow. Like the animation style for this. Seems like Mr. Holzman was emulating Red Guy from Cow and Chicken, which is always a plus in my book. And as hard as it is to animate, I still think the "engulfed in hair" ending was just a bit too short, you know?

DuDuL responds:

I tried to find a ballance between keeping it short and silly while kinda terrifying. Extra seconds/scenes of being engulfed in hair could break that balance - but i see where you're going. I could add a scene after credits or something

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Great game guys! I loved the fact that everything from the past game has gotten better! There are just two things that bother me about this game: The fact that the menus are a bit confusing at first, and the fact that the cannons seem to hinder more than help at higher speeds. Other than that, everything has definitely improved from the first game!

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Three songs in one? And they're not disjointed! Dude, that's awesome! I especially love how you can differentiate all the saw sounds used, despite them being very similar in oscillation length. Very difficult to pull off.

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks! Yeah a little detuning goes a long way.

Sounds a little too hollow, like it's missing the lower end where all the bass is. Not to mention the upper range is all melding together, making the lead synths and hi-hats and the like all sort of blend together. The composition's great, though.

Dude, I like it. Little bit'a funk, little bit'a jazz lounge, and a whole lotta smoothness working in its favour. I also feel a lot of that early 1980s jive goin' through it, which mixed with the slight bluesy edge near the middle of the song really slides it through one great section and right into an even better one.

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Well. This is... unusual. And interesting. It has a bit of a late 90s comic feel. I like how the colours are all relatively the same base, just darkened and lightened. That said, the contrast is too little in this for how large the image actually is. The maroon linework doesn't seem to lean in the favor of the weak shading either, causing your eye to see more flat colours rather than the subtle palette changes you have here. Drop some dark aquas on the back side, add a tinge of sickly yellow to the highlights, and this could go from mediocre linework with slow colours to a real study in contrast.

Ah, childhood memories blissfully raped with heads exploding into sparkles of colour. This is what happens when artists get bored. And when we get bored, we do our best works, no matter how bizzare. Monochrome effect does away with the need for awkward colour mixtures, so kudos on thinking of that. The fact that (for some strange reason) the anatomy lines up perfectly, even down to the feminine fingertips. I'm very afraid for you Pab, because we all know Ken's going to do a three hit wonder on you for making this... flattering image of him. That being said, the hair fits on the scalp, and you managed to mix the two shading styles together in harmony. Everything is a go from me. I'm still thinking what Usagi would do if they made an episode like this...

pablocomics responds:

:D Yes, I´m dead now

A new work from you. Nice. Looks like she's trying to embarrass him. Shame on you, trying to do that to poor Riley. He's got enough self-esteem issues with his sister Jessi. Anyways, I really try hard to figure out how you get that paper-esque flat shadowing. Never figured it out myself. In any case, your art is impeccable as always, through try to watch the eyes. They're looking a little square on this one. As for anything else, his fingers look a bit short as well. Maybe it's just me though (I tend to draw girly hands on whoever it is I'm drawing). Keep it going, and I hope your business picks up even more projects! ~Cheers, The Laughing Fox.

Y'know, I honestly didn't think common sense was a superpower. And then I noticed that myself and everyone else I know lacks it.

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